Our Kennel was established in 1996. We specialize in breeding small spaniels,
namely, Cavalier and Papillons. Both of these breeds have an intertwining history, small hunting spaniels, although some authorities believe these breeds were created as companions for aristocratic ladies. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were known to be a favorite of King Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Stuart and of course, King Charles I and his son King Charles II, who  enhanced many of their qualities.The first pictures of dogs resembling our present day Papillon appeared in the year 1290. Papillons were found in the French Court and were depicted in paintings of  Marguerite de Valois, Henry III, Louis XIII and Louis XIV, the Sun King. Amoung their famous owners are Madame Pompadour and even more interesting, the miniature spaniels belonging to Marie Antoinette, who not only accompanied her to prison but also to the guillotine. But even though these small dogs are most beautiful, they are not just decorations for high class women. They have a sporting spirit. These lovely little fellows will take long walks, go swimming with their owners and are wonderful with kids. Evenings, they are content to curl up in a comfortable arm chair while their owner watches television.

For those who prefer a bit of friendly competion, they are well suited to Agility. It is interesting to note that Papillons are 8th place as a breed  in International events. This breed is not suited to living outdoors year-round. (This is also depending on climates where you live)  They do not possess the undercoat to protect them from inclement weather. On the other hand, this is also an advantage as they do not shed. They do not require any special grooming care such as trimming, clipping etc. They are a breed who will bring joy to every owner providing that they realize they are not toys that the novelty will soon wear off. I try to keep in contact with all new owners to enable to provide advice and assistance with their pets. I also provide breeding service. Our aim is happy dogs with satisfied owners.

Ing.Beatrice Matlaskova